Exhibition “Mensch, Tier, Natur”

Arthur Schopenhauer once said that genuine art cannot be created by anyone who merely follows standard artistic rules. A genius is required, that is, a person who creates original art without concern for rules. There is a genius in each and everyone of us. That part of us that not only creates but also contemplates and explores the depth of creation. The beauty of art knows no limits and as Schopenhauer again puts it, art could offer us deliverance from the aimless strife of the Will.

Art is salvation, it clears the mind and elevates the soul. Art is beauty, as pure as it can be. In Plato’s treatments of art and beauty we find Socrates speaking of cultivating a fondness for beauty. The mere taste for beauty will help prefer noble deeds over ugly ones.

My name is Stremena Tuzsuzova-Petrova and I’d like to share with you something beautiful. A major part of my works include realism, symbolism and kitsch. All I see is form and all I crave is to forge its perfection into my works. I’m especially fond of translating every detail of the human body onto the canvas, for our bodies are the vessels of life. They are our shields, our tools, our weapons and they clash with this vast reality in all its rigorousness and glory. Let us enjoy the lightness and scream into the darkness for we are human.